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Board Games at Cronulla Living

On a cold night or a mild summer’s evening, what’s better than gathering your family or mates together over a bit of fun?

Jam-packed with colours and knowledge, our board games at Cronulla Living offers the perfect casual entertainment for any ages. Exercise and sharpen your grey matter with some quizzes or trivia to test your family with. Maybe instead you’d prefer a quiet evening over a jigsaw puzzle? Great for the kids, and great for an activity you can do over a glass of wine!

There’s also playing cards with different cat and dog species. They’re sure to delight that cat lover or dog lover in your family or circle of friends. And they also add a bit of an extra dose of cute to lessen the blow when you strike a winning hand!

Maybe you’d like one of our protectively packaged campfire poker set. Waterproof playing cards and metal chips, packaged in a metal tin. You won’t feel shy bringing them outdoors to a national park, picnic or the beach.

Find all this and more, in our range of board games. Giving you the best range of entertainment to bring people together and have a blast. Or find a much appreciated gift!

Trivia and Quizzes – Put Your Friends to The Test!

Whether it’s Movies, 2000’s Pop Music or Travel we have the perfect game room cards to make a gathering or party into an event!

Find out information about the world and see how much you know. Better yet, put your family or mates on the hot spot, and see how well they do! Or jump back into the noughties with a quiz about the most iconic artists in the 2000’s of pop.

The Movie Night is a quiz that’s really made to give everyone a chance to shine. Taking you through the 80s, 90s, Sci-Fi, Rom Coms and more. It pits everyone in two teams with a game master, to see which of your loved ones know the most about entertainment on screen!

Jigsaw Puzzles – 1000 Pieces for the Purrfect Picture

It’s an illustration that everyone’s bound to love! Ridley’s jigsaws in our board game collection will list all of the most common (and less so) species of dogs or cats for everyone to enjoy. Perfect for those that enjoy a furry companion. They'll also give you some new facts for you to learn and enjoy. A great tool to start up or continue conversation when everyone’s interests in the evening are beginning to wane.

Card Games – Ace of…was that a West Highland Terrier?

We love cute and cuddly animals, and without the mess, we’re sure you do too! Our cat and dog printed card packs are a great way to dive into some paw-some fun.

It’s hard not to smile, while going through some of your favourite species, such as Dalmatians, German Shepherds or King Charles Cavaliers in dogs, or Russian Blues, American Bobtails or Burmese in cats.

Now you can tell your friends to ‘don’t terrier self-up about it,’ when they’re playing a hand of losing cards!

Our campfire poker set is also a great set to take with you on the go, whether you’re going camping or expecting to have some time with your best mates outdoors by the beach. You will find that it sets the tone with metal bottlecap poker chips and stylish pattern illustrations.

Ridley’s Games: Cat and Dog Lovers Unite!

Our board games aren’t just the perfect entertainment tool to keep in your console drawer for yourself or friends when they come over – but we won’t blame you, if that’s what you do! Cronulla Living has put together a delightfully visual and informative selection. These products in our board game collection, also make great gifts!

On top of letting your friends put other people they know through trivia; our cards and puzzles are also a fresh gift idea for cat and dog lovers. Or for kids still learning more about different critters.