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Premium Candles from Cronulla Living

Planning a stress-free evening? Cronulla Living offers you the best Glasshouse Candles in Sutherland Shire. Glasshouse candles have amazing fragrances that can instantly lift your mood and emotional state.

Why choose Glasshouse Candles?

  1. Perfection:

    Glasshouse Candles are created with perfection while other candles lose their properties in a day. The candles are best known for their triple scented technology which lasts longer.
  2. Aesthetic:

    The candles in Sutherland Shire are designed in a way to elevate your mood with its smell but also adds aesthetic look wherever placed in.
  3. Size:

    The size of Glasshouse candles are also bigger. We offer 700g candles with an indulgent weight of 760g. Mini candles of 60g are also available that come in a vessel-look with a luxurious touch of gold on the boxes.
  4. Fragrances:

    Glasshouse candles offers a wide range of candles inspired from Bora Bora Beach to Dubai’s Arabian vibes. We have scents for all styles.
  5. Experts recommended:

    The candles are recommended by experts because of its soy-based wax blend and all natural lead free cotton wick that burns the candle flame brighter and more intensely.
Glasshouse candles are one of the finest quality candles and therefore they will last longer with a pleasant smell lingering in the air. Here are two of our top picks of Glasshouse candles available from Cronulla Living:


  1. Glasshouse Soy Candle A Moment in Tokyo - Limited Edition:

    A moment in Tokyo Limited edition candle is a triple scented soy candle expressed as smoked petals. The scent of the candle is mesmerising with the touch of old leather, violet and incense. The fragrance of this candle consists of top notes of incense and rose petals, middle notes of violet, rose and leather and base notes of birch and ebony woods.
  2. Glasshouse Soy Candle Spellbound- Enchanted Embers Limited Edition:

    Spellbound candles smell like a magical spell you would never want to leave. The candle is free from lead, silicones, parabens and PEGS. It is made from soy blend wax for a pure burn and intense smell. The magical fragrance of this limited edition is created with top notes of peach and plum, middle notes of amber, violet and peony and base notes of leather, vanilla and patchouli.

Tips to buying candles online in Sutherland Shire

Without knowing the smell of the candle, it can be daunting for anyone to shop candles online. Here are few tips for ordering candles online:

  1. If you are not sure of a person’s preferences, it is always safe to choose a milder aroma like caramel or vanilla.
  2. You do not burn candles the whole day long so consider the appearance of the candle as well to add an elegant look to your space. At Cronulla living we offer candles packaged in recycled glass with perfect sleek finishes.
  3. Always choose candles made of quality wax and premium oils.
  4. Invest in an outstanding wick for warmer glow and amazing aroma. 

At Cronulla Living, we offer a wide range of Glasshouse candles that you will not regret buying. Make sure to visit our website today and we are sure you will find what you are looking for.