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Cronulla Living offers a curated collection of lifestyle fashion, furniture, accessories and décor in the Sydney and East Coast area. Our opening over 15 years ago was inspired by the idea of creating seamless connections between the tranquil coastal exterior and the interior spaces in the area. It is this symbiotic ethos, and our location in South Cronulla, that subsequently influenced our name. The Cronulla area's name was derived from the local word Kurranulla, meaning 'place of pink seashells', a connotation that appropriately encapsulates the concept of designing an effortless seaside lifestyle. Discover a life filled with coastal elegance when you review our range of beach infused design products and buy décor online.

Benefits of the Ocean and Why You Should Buy Décor Influenced by the Tides

Nature inherently has a positive effect on the body and mind. As such, it makes sense that design would intentionally incorporate exterior elements through the artful combination of functional architecture and complementary lifestyle pieces when you order décor.

Based on various research, nature's broad impact on the wellbeing of humans is well documented, even if only scenes from nature. These benefits positively influence our physical and emotional healing, while offering soothing emotional and restorative support, alongside the boosting of our social connections. The ideology of design influenced by the elegance of nature intends to stimulate and mimic these positive effects, in essence, creating a lifestyle sanctuary. Below is a breakdown of the therapeutic effects related to the ocean and surrounding seashore.

  • Relaxes and relieves stress. What you experience in an environment affects your mood. Your senses enable your experiences, which can prompt mood, hormonal, immune system, nervous and endocrine fluctuations. Listening to the ocean stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn makes you more relaxed. Moreover, a pleasing environment also promotes this response. At the same time, a cool sea breeze has mood-boosting properties due to its negative ions.
  • Mild meditation state. In turn, staring at the natural ebb and flow of the ocean changes the brain waves' frequency, activating a meditative state. Meditation has lasting effects, including increasing creativity, focus and patience. By virtue, the activation of an ocean memory would tie into the ideology that viewing a scene would have similar effects to being in nature.
  • Physiological response. As your surroundings trigger a host of fluctuations, it inevitably contributes to the lowering of blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension while regulating hormones–resulting in an improved immune system and better sleep. In essence, creating a secure lifestyle retreat that activates the senses through design is essentially a measure of self-care. You can therefore promote wellbeing when you buy home décor that artfully resonates with a space.

Top Interior Design Tips Related to When You Order Home Décor

Design is an artful balance of the environment and the functional requirement of the client. Often a home can be architecturally crafted to be aesthetically pleasing and still elicit a range of unintended emotions. Our feelings, depending on the lines, light, forms, colours, textures and patterns against the surrounding environment and concerning the selected décor, are an exciting field. While reviewing architectural structure and design, or when you order home décor online, it is crucial to factor in these concepts alongside the flow, environment and intended emotional arousal.

  • Space, lines and forms. The optimal use of space is unique to an area and can impact the flow of a room. In turn, lines allow for the purposeful use of space both vertically and horizontally enabling the spatial stabilisation of a composition. Together, all these design elements combine to create a complete form, which requires equilibrium and flow to succeed.
  • Natural light and colour. Natural light has a visceral effect on a space, either brightening up the area or creating high contrast shadows and a darker room which requires artificial lighting. It also impacts the types of colours, tones and hues selected for an area. Colour is famously known for its intrinsic influence on mood. Most notably in relation to the coast, blue and white provoke a clean, calming and fresh feeling while making the area seem brighter and bigger.
  • Textures and patterns. Touch and visual contrast play a role in the overall balance and feel of a room. Balancing the use of textures and patterns is imperative not to overwhelm a space, as patterns and textures can be found in a variety of design applications. This includes décor, accessories, furniture and structures.
  • Delicate balance. As a whole space requires intricate balance, depending on your requirements. In the view of creating a relaxed and tranquil experience, the culmination of elements needs to flow effortlessly. When you buy home décor online, you have the opportunity to balance the design of a room through access to a diverse range of products. Selecting the right design pieces for a room will effectively ensure all the senses are engaged, creating a sanctuary that has the potential to connect.

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At Cronulla Living, we believe that intentional design is crucial to stylishly functional atmospheres. Our range of curated design pieces and products are perfect for the creation of a coastal living space filled with calm. Find the ideal product to enhance your home or contact us for more information.