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Avanti Steamer Basket 28cm

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Avanti Steamer Basket 28cm. This Avanti Steamer Basket is ideal for steaming vegetables, fish and other foods in your existing cookware for a healthy and delicious meal. When Steaming vegetables it retains vitamins and minerals and preserves their natural full flavour. The classic blossom shape steamer is constructed of stainless steel with a mirror finish. This steamer will fit into most saucepans and stockpots. The legs on the bottom help keep your veggies just above the waterline so your vegetables can steam to perfection. The handle allows you to lift the steamer out when your veggies are done. Steamer strains after cooking and folds up for easy storage.

Ideal for steaming vegetables
Expands to fit most saucepans
Durable, high grade stainless Steel construction
Folds up for compact storage
Dishwasher safe