The brand 'Gefu' hand  crank coffee grinder
The brand 'Gefu' hand crank coffee grinder

Gefu Lorenzo Coffee Grinder

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The Gefu Lorenzo Coffee Grinder will have you brewing your favourite coffee every time. Thanks to selectable degrees of fineness, the LORENZO coffee grinder grinds coffee beans to the perfect consistency for espresso, filter coffee or coffee made in a French press or cafetiere. Convenient hand powered coffee grinder is at your fingertips, so easy to use, just add the beans select the grind and turn the crank, and in an instant you have freshly ground coffee. So grab your favourite bag of coffee beans and start grinding, the smell of fresh coffee beans in the morning is just perfect.

Re-adjustable ceramic grinding gear providing 11 degrees of fineness
4 Cups of espresso, 4 cups of filter coffee or 4 cups of French press coffee
Scale for degrees of fineness
Coffee container with scale
Detachable crank, can be attached to grinder to save space
High grade stainless steel and plastic
Dimensions: 22cm Height, 10cm Width

Gefu Award Winning German Design