pot holder in plain grey

Ladelle Professional Series III - Plain Grey Pot Holder

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Ladelle Professional Series lll Pot Holder is designed for domestic use and offers protection from contact with hot cookware and unintentional contact with ovens. Designed for the serious home cook, the Professional series is designed to last. The Professional range is all about functionality and performance. This pot holder is comfortable to have on your hands and makes it easy to handle hot dishes. The Light grey makes it easy to accessorise with your kitchen decor. In this range there are other oven mits to match and tea towels that tie in. You can redo all your napery to co ordinate with your kitchen and give your kitchen a bit of a lift.

Size: 21cm x 21 cm
Colour: Light Grey
Machine Washable
Cotton Outer

They comply with the EU Regulation and are tested to EN ISO 12127-1 at 250 degrees. They are not intended for commercial use or prolonged contact with hot items and should not come into contact with naked flames. Please ensure your pot holder is completely dry before use, as its thermal insulation properties my be reduced when wet.