luxury romantica hand soap fragrance florentine rose & peony, made in Florence, Italy
luxury romantica hand soap fragrance florentine & peony, made in florentine, Italy
luxury romantica hand soap and shower gel fragrance florentine & peony, made in florence, Italy
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Nesti Dante Romantica Rose & Peony Luxury Soap 250g

Nesti Dante
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Nesti Dante's Italian Luxury Soap Romantica Rose & Peony has been formulated with quality, purity and integrity without comprise. This soothing, relaxing Nesti Dante soap bar and its fragrant highlights of Florentine rose and the velvet and romantic fragrance of peony make for an enchanting bouquet. With its organic active premium ingredients, organic wherever possible. Only pure whole plants oils from sustainable cultivation. No mineral oils, no synthetic surfactants or aggressive ingredients. Vegan Friendly, no animal ingredients EVER. Skin and environment friendly for a guilt free legacy for this luxury soap has been made to enjoy. Made with solar energy, a clean source to help save our planet. Supporting the responsible recycling for all the packaging. Once unwrapped use the fragrant Florentine paper as a drawer liner to scent you favourite linens. 

Certified vegan.
Free from mineral oils, parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates and synthetic surfactants.
Made in Florence with an entirely artisan process
Made with love and care in Italy since 1947
250g Hand Soap

Notes: Florentine Rose, Elegant Peony