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Power Banks - Positive Energy - Lemon

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Check out these amazing new Power Banks to keep your phone charged when you need it most. Just about to run out of battery on your phone, don't despair this little credit card size charger will get you out of trouble.
It is compatible with:
Smartphones, tablets, iphones, ipads, ipods and other devices which use A USB and USB-C device Charger.
Easy to use and comes in it's own little case to keep it safe while in your bag just waiting to be used. Comes in a variety of colours with a positive message on each case. Pick the one that most suits your personality.
This makes a great gift for those teenagers that keep saying " i ran out of battery" , now they will have no excuse that they couldn't call you. Even if you are out and about and you know that you might run out of battery, keep this device in your bag and you can feel at ease knowing that you have a back up charge on hand with you to get you charged up again.