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Pyrocast 13.5cm Skillet with Maple Tray


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The combination of maple wood and heavy duty cast iron in the 13.5cm Pyrolux Pyrocast Skillet w/ Maple Tray makes this a versatile set for both cooking and serving directly to the table. Suitable for use on all cooking surfaces including induction and of course, an open fire, cast iron is ideal to take camping or for high temperature cooking of any kind while the maple tray protects table and benchtop surfaces from heat. It also features a Pre-seasoned Ergonomic handle Abrasion resistant Safe for use under grill. Just make sure to follow the instructions included with your pan and after each use, wash in hot water, dry thoroughly then apply a fine film of oil to prevent
corrosion between uses as with all cast iron cookware, the even heat distribution and retention means it is essential to use protective hand wear when handling the cookware.

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