The Hamptons-5 Replacement Scent Stems - Cronulla Living
The Hamptons-5 Replacement Scent Stems - Cronulla Living

Glasshouse The Hamptons - Replacement Scent Stems

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Glasshouse The Hamptons Replacement Scent Stems. Become a bon vivant at the coastal escape of New York's elite. One whiff of Teak, Iris and sensual Petitgrain and you're there, charming power players and partiers, giddy with glitz and fun that doesn't end with the sun. Nothing smells better than the warmth of a Hamptons House on the beach taking you to places that you may only dream of.

Fragrance Notes:
Top Notes: Juniper berry, Green Cognac, PetitgrainĀ 
Middle Notes: Lemon Verbena, Iris, Fig Leaves
Base Notes: Ambergris, Teak, White Patchouli

These are the new Scent stems for the new breed of fragrance Diffuser. There is no wrong way to set you scene so get creative and personalise it by mixing and matching different fragrances in the range to create your own unique scent.

Easy to use, just place the scent stem sticks into the Metal Vessel (sold separate) ensuring it's placed on a flat surface away from open windows or vents. You can put in just one stick for a hint of fragrance or all 5 sticks for a stronger fragrance, it is up to you on how strong you like it. Replace your scent stems every 30 days to refresh your fragrance.