Voluspa Baltic Amber Small Jar Candle
Voluspa Baltic Amber Small Jar Candle

Voluspa Baltic Amber Small Jar Candle

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With VOLUSPA's worldwide cult like following this Baltic Amber 156g Candle is no exception. Containing essential oils of amber resin, sandalwood and a touch of neroli, VOLUSPA's Baltic Amber will fill your living space with its warm, sensual aroma. These candles have been hand poured in the USA using natural wax. This wax was developed by VOLUSPA and in this it is an exclusive custom natural COCOWAX blend that holds a high percentage of fragrance and burns clean up to 90% cleaner than a soy wax candle. This then creates for an exceptional burn every time. The signature embossed glass jar measures 6.5cm x 9cm and burns brightly for 50 hours. Once the candle has been burnt don't throw out the glass jars they are way to pretty, use then for something and get creative with them.
These candles are not tested on animals. They are phthalate, paraben and sulfate-free. 100% Cotton Wicks. This one wick glass lid candle is the little sister of our best-selling Large Jar, and can scent your space with ease.

Fragrance Notes:
Amber resin
Sandalwood and Vanilla Orchid

Baltic Amber Candle 156g