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If you’re an avid baker, look no further than George’s range of baking products. Whether you’re a passionate baker or a cake baking novice, we’ve got the line for you. We want you to be as passionate about cooking as George is, so we’ve picked out some of the best pieces to help you along the way. Make everyday a bit of celebration with some freshly baked goods, with a little help from our shelves. Our baking range includes:

  • Crockery
  • Pans and moulds
  • Baking trays

The Ceramic Bakeware Collection

On a cold rainy afternoon or on a night when the family’s all at home together there’s nothing quite like a hot tender roast or chunky choc-chip cookies you’ve made yourself.

Make baking more enjoyable with our range of ceramic bakeware. After all, it’s meant to be a fun experience that’s shared!

We’ve curated a collection of round pans, square pans, loaf pans, spring form cake pans, brownie pans, and baking trays. All our metal pans & moulds are non-stick, durable, and provide easy even heating.

So now you can help bring people together over some delicious goodies, especially the ones you love!

Ceramic Bakeware at Cronulla Living

You might be wondering, why ceramic bakeware?

Ceramic has been a renowned resource for baking for centuries. Every home should have ceramic bakeware for baking. It’s durable, strong and versatile for cooking. In addition to the lovely appearances that it can have with its form, colour variety and glaze, it has many qualities that other materials in bakeware simply cannot as effortlessly matched and All are dishwasher safe too!

Healthier & Tastier Cooking

When you are using ceramic bakeware to cook dinner for your family, friends or guests, you can enjoy the way ceramics transfer and retain heat. They may take more time to heat up than aluminium or steel, but it keeps its heat. Better yet, it heats and warms up food evenly. Letting you cook more slowly and use less butter and oil for a healthier dish.

Effortless Non-Stick Baking

When you’re baking, the appearance of your finished results matter. Particularly when you are looking to entertain. No one enjoys edges or corners that don’t come away, or an uneven bottom on your cake. Some baked creations are easy to re-touch, but how much more satisfying is it when everything cleanly comes out of the pan?

Ceramic bakeware

Even in high heat or prolonged time in the oven, ceramic bakeware remains non-toxic, and the ceramic coating doesn’t easily wear away.

Bakeware That Lasts

Ceramic is scratch resistant, and even with use and age, coloured ceramic holds its hues beautifully. Provided that you don’t have any accidents with it, your ceramic bakeware can be passed down for a lot of time to come. Ceramic bakeware can withstand high temperatures of heat, so even as ovens update or recipes change, you can be assured that your bakeware will remain well intact.

From the Oven to the Table!

Ceramic bakeware looks beautiful, and with its material it looks quite alike to the plates you eat off. That means it makes it a great oven dish to pull out of the oven and serve directly to your family and guests. You can trust that ceramic bakeware will also keep the food warm while you eat, letting everyone enjoy heat and full flavour in your prepared food while they eat. Even between additional helpings!

Ceramic Bakeware is Easily Cleaned

Another benefit of ceramic bakeware is how easy it is to clean up. Its smooth surface is naturally anti-microbial, for more hygienic bakeware. If any baked food goods stick to the surface of your ceramic bakeware, you only need a soft scoured sponge or bristled brush and dishwashing detergent for a good clean. Or better yet place it in the dishwasher for that squeaky clean look.

Other Bakeware Products in Stock

Besides our delightful range of ceramic bakeware, Cronulla Living also brings our customers in Sydney more fabulous choices in baking products. You can find and purchase bakeware made from heavy duty carbon steel, reinforced silicone, or with a double non-stick coating or vitreous enamel.

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