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Travel-friendly Portable Coffee Cup

We know Coffee First! Cronulla Living provides you the best collection of portable coffee cups in different styles and colours. Coffee is the second most popular drink after water but have you wondered how will you manage to go on travels without coffee? Having a cup of coffee with you at all times will improve your journey.

Qualities of an ideal Portable Coffee Cup

  1. Easy to carry-

    Always choose a moderate size portable coffee cup so that you can take it around anywhere you go and fit in your any size bags.
  2. Solid -

    You do not want to open your bag and see a crushed coffee cup. Make sure the coffee cup is solid so that it wonโ€™t break when dropped accidently like plastic.
  3. Do not spill your coffee -

    Ensure your coffee cup can be tightly packed after filling it with coffee otherwise your coffee can easily spill everywhere.
  4. Keep your coffee hot -

    The major reason for having a portable coffee cup is to keep the coffee hot wherever and everywhere you go. Make sure that the insulation material used keeps it at an ideal temperature for some time.
  5. Within budget -

    Try to choose a coffee cup that is within your budget without compromising on quality. Losing an expensive coffee cup can be traumatising. At Cronulla Living we are sure to provide you an ideal coffee cup without burning a hole in your pocket.
  6. Sustainable -

    Say no to plastic material coffee cups. Choose an environmentally friendly portable coffee cup and contribute to saving the environment.
  7. Easy to clean -

    Coffee cups must be washed after every single coffee drink especially if milk is used.

Here are our top Portable Coffee Cup picks available at Cronulla Living

  1. Avanti Go Cup Glass Pink/ Mint/Grey -

    This portable coffee cup is reusable, eco-friendly and sustainable. The cup is heat resistant, made from borosilicate glass, clear and strong. It is available in ideal size and can be a perfect storage for hot or cold drinks.
  2. Avanti Go Cup Tropical Leopard -

    These portable coffee cups are designed from food grade, double walled stainless steel to give you a fresh taste of your drink everytime you sip it. The cup promises to keep cold items for 16 hours and warm for 8 hours. The spill proof lid of the coffee cup allows you to enjoy a cup of your own drink without spilling.
  3. Avanti Go Cup Brushed Stainless Steel-

    This portable cup is a spill proof, reusable coffee cup that will reduce the use of plastic cups without decreasing your drinkโ€™s taste whilst leaving a positive impact on the environment. This stainless steel cup is light-weight and is the best alternative to disposable cups. The cup is designed with an easy to use lid.

Head to our website today because we provide all of the above mentioned qualities of ideal coffee cups in our portable coffee cup collection.