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Cocktail Accessories

Set the scene for every event at your home with style, with our range of gorgeous cocktail accessories. Crafting the perfect cocktail may look terribly difficult at first, but when you have the best gear, it becomes almost as enjoyable as just sitting back and sipping a cocktail in hand.

At Cronulla Living, we’re focused as a store on bringing you all the things to your home and outdoors that help you create a statement and enjoy life.

Now you have the perfect tools to impress your guests at your next party, hosted dinner or event, with our cocktail sets. Set up the perfect bar or mini bar at your dinner table. Entertain at your alfresco dining area or bring your cocktail accessories with you for laid-back entertaining at a hotel that gives your mates something to talk about, try and roast each other for.

Cocktail Set – in Gold , Mirrored Pink or Matte Black

It’s the fabulous way to prepare for a party. The Tempa Aurora gives you everything you need to make a classic drink such as the old fashioned or a newer cocktail. Including a cocktail shaker for shaking, jigger for measuring shots, tongs for ice and garnish, spoon for mixing, and a muddler for crushing citrus and berries into the bottom of the glass to unlock the full embodied flavour of fruit. It’s all you need, in one easy set and purchase.

Beautifully glamorous, they’ll also make a great gift. Available in modish, mirrored Pink, matte black or a stunning gold. All put together in a gorgeous gift box, ready for whoever you wish to gift one to. Or just to make our customers – you - feel that more special while opening it.

Avanti Cocktail Accessories

Aren’t looking for a full kit, but some added accessories to finish up your cocktail accessories for your bar? Cronulla Living offers some great cocktail accessories from Avanti, a renowned Australian owned kitchenware supplier.

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

The Avanti Cocktail shaker has been designed with an airtight seal cap to prevent any spills, as well as a strainer to allow for easy straining after you’ve finished shaking all the liquid together. Buy one for an apt solution to withstand all your cocktail making. Suitable for 700ml, and dishwasher safe.

Wooden Muddler for Cocktails

Muddlers have a textured base like a tenderizer, but instead of tenderising meats its designed to crush fruits or bruise herbs to release more flavour into your cocktails. Made from natural wood, with a contoured handle and naturally anti-bacterial properties. It’s intuitive to use.

Alfresco Drinking – On The Go Wine & Beer

There’s nothing greater than a day out with the ones you love, especially out in the great outdoors. Whether you’re with your family or your best mates, we have the ideal cocktail accessories to crack open a cold one with the boys or share the perfect rosé with the girls.

Wine Traveller Set, Double Insulated

Keep your wine chilly while you’re out in the hot or warm Australian sun. The Avanti wine traveller set has a delightful champagne finish, and better yet is the perfect wine accessory to take with you on the go. It comes with a wine bottle styled flask and two wine tumblers, perfect to share between you and a friend.

Our wine traveller set is such a favourite at Cronulla Living - when you see it, get it quick!

Bottle Caddy with Opener

Great for parties. The Avanti bottle caddy offers you the perfect way to carry some of your favourite beers, lagers, or ciders with you to a beach, party, or a picnic at a national park. Created in wood, it is a great style for the outdoors and an ideal material to never get too hot or cold. While the bottle opener on the side will also provide the perfect little tool to open each bottle without a hitch.