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Essential Christmas Decorations - Cronulla Living

Christmas is just around the corner and we know how much you love to decorate your Christmas tree and house - everything red and green sparkling and glitters.It is a festival of lights  that paints the town in greens and reds. Cronulla Living is your one stop destination for all your Christmas decorations. We provide Christmas decorations that  are durable and which are made with love.

Why are  Christmas decorations an important part of Christmas?

  1. Christmas is a very happy time of year, a perfect celebration to end the year. It is a season to spend quality time with your family and friends and help as many needy as you can. Decorating and lighting your house adds festive feelings and enhances the beauty of the area.
  2. Christmas decorations in Cronulla mostly include green and red colours. The reasons to use these two colours are mainly religious and traditional. The colour green represents continuation of life as the belief is in the eternal life of Jesus while the red represents the blood of Jesus. One of the most symbolic representations of Christmas is the Christmas Tree. Traditionally an evergreen species of tree, such as a pinetree is the preferred tree. It will have Christmas decorations such as baubles, tinsel, stars, and electric lights.
  3. Christmas decorations in Cronulla also include a few plants such as mistletoe, evergreen branches and holly. An evergreen tree symbolises the life continuation throughout the dark winter. Mistletoe was adopted during the Victorian era as a way to steal a kiss in the holiday season. Poinsettias are poisonous plants but are still used as Christmas decoration because of their colours and their lifespan.

Here is a list of essential  Christmas decoration that you must have:

  1. Tree Skirt:

    Add a fancy touch to your Christmas tree with a tree skirt. The tree skirt will also benefit you in holding all the pine needles that keep falling off your christmas tree.
  2. Ornaments:

    A Christmas tree with ornaments is the beauty of Christmas. Find all your Christmas decoration ornaments at Cronulla Living according to the theme of your Christmas tree. Many also decorate the tree with their old photographs to cherish their year memories.
  3. Christmas Wreath:

    A Christmas wreath is essential and you cannot dare to miss it. It beautifully helps to decorate trees in circular motion from top to the floor. Wreaths are made from evergreen, berries or long lasting materials.
  4. Stockings:

    The tradition of hanging stockings still carries on today and children still go to bed excited wondering what presents will be left in their stocking on Christmas Eve when Santa Claus visits.
  5. Putz Houses:

    Many people prefer placing small houses known as Putz houses near Christmas trees. These are mainly used to illuminate the surrounding.
  6. Santa Claus Figure:

    Christmas is incomplete without Santa Claus in your Christmas decorations. He should absolutely be part of your decorations because he brings smiles to people around.

Cronulla Living provides you with everything you need to brighten Christmas festivities. Check us out and start filling in your cart.