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Quality Cookware only at Cronulla Living

Has your cookware given up its strength or are you looking to upgrade your cookware? Cronulla Living is your one-stop destination for all your cookware needs in Sutherland Shire. We offer you a wide range of beautiful cookwares that are easy to clean and perfect to prepare any kind of meal anytime in Sutherland Shire. Some of the cookware in our range includes roasters, fry pans, sauce pans, stock pots, woks, casserole dishes and cast iron products. We always keep stocks of the highest quality cookware that you will never regret buying.

Essential Cookware you need to have in your Kitchen

  1. Frying Pan:

    A frying pan is one of the most essential cookware items that every kitchen must have. They are very versatile and flexible. Delicious steaks can be fried on frying pans on the stove top in next to no time.
  2. Saucepans:

    Saucepans are one of the best vessels to boil any liquid. You can not only boil water but can also stew, simmer, make soups and sauce for your pasta.
  3. Stock Pots:

    A stock pots is another valuable addition to your cookware collection. It allows you to make large batches of stock or soup and to cook pasta. Cooking in bulk allows you to make nutritious meals and store them in the freezer. Cronulla Living provides you the best stock pots for all your liquid storing needs or to cook liquid food in bulk.
  4. Wok:

    Woks are mainly used for stir frying, steaming, pan frying, deep frying, braising, poaching, smoking and more. You can use a wok for pretty much everything you want to cook.
  5. Steamer Basket:

    Steamer Baskets are usually used for leaner cooking. This basket allows you to turn any pan or pot into a steamer by eliminating cooking water into vapours.

Tips and Tricks for your stainless steel cookware:

  1. Try to keep your burner temperature low to medium.
  2. Always preheat your stainless steel cookware to achieve an optimal cooking temperature.
  3. Do not compromise the quality of your cookware.
  4. Avoid using sharp tools on the pan to protect against scratches.
  5. Do not store acidic food components like citrus fruits or tomatoes as they may spoil the surface. 

How to maintain your cookware is an important question. Many times your cookware starts to deteriorate before the claims when you were purchasing it. Investing in non-stick surface cookware will save you time and money in the long run. We can provide advice about the best ways to maintain your cookware so that it will last for decades..

Whether you are looking for new cookware or upgrading, Cronulla Living will enhance the beauty and the experience of your cooking within minutes. At Cronulla Living in Sutherland Shire, we provide high quality cookware that cannot be degraded easily. We design our cookwares to be on trend and affordable for all customers. You can visit our website anytime and we assure you will find your perfect cookware match.