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Elegant cushion and throws for your comfortable space

Transform the look of your sofa and bed look upgrading or changing your cushion and throws. Find the best of all cushions pieces on Cronulla Living.

How to mix and match your cushions?

Don’t know where and what colour of the cushion will match with your room theme or have so many cushions but don’t know where to place them. Check out our few tips to mix and match your cushion styles:

  1. Co-ordinate your cushion :

    The first factor that all consider while buying the cushions in Cronulla is the theme of the room. You can coordinate the cushion colours, textures and patterns with the walls of your room.
  2. Theme:

    You can always go with the theme of the room. For eg. If your room theme is floral you can actually pick floral cushions to blend with the room.
  3. Consider layering:

    Don’t shy away from layering your cushion covers. You can always consider the texture of the cushion cover and layer it. You can also try velvet on silk or silk on cotton maybe.
  4. Re-align:

    Rearrange your pile of cushions. Try switching your sofa cushions with bed cushions. A little change experiment, never hurts.
  5. Look for inspiration:

    In case you are confused to conclude, you can always look for inspiration on Google or in magazines. One of the popular spaces to look for inspiration is Pinterest.
  6. Size doesn’t matter:

    When it comes to designing, you do not really want to maintain uniformity. You can add big and small or medium size cushion covers anywhere in a group or individually.
  7. Contrast:

    Sometimes, when you do not coordinate the colours of your cushion instead choose a contrast and you never know, you would find your masterpiece in Cronulla.

How to protect and maintain your cushions?

Different types of cushions have different methods of cleaning and care. Below are few tips to maintain cushions of certain material:

  1. Foam Cushions

    1. For equal wear, keep switching the rotation of the cushion.
    2. Prefer spot cleaning- Treat the stain of your spill immediately to avoid it becoming permanent. Apply the right cleansing agent according to the product instruction.
    3. Annual dry cleaning by a professional is recommended.
  2. Feather Cushions

    To ensure appearance and even distribution of filing, plump your cushion daily. Pat all the sides of the cushion to separate the filling and infuse air to the cushion back.
  3. Indoor Cushion Covers

    1. Vacuum the covers at low power weekly.
    2. Keep your cushions away from sunlight, UV rays and other damaging elements.
    3. Keep your cushions away from sharp objects like knives and pet claws
  4. Outdoor Cushion Covers

    1. Do not leave your cushion covers permanently outside.
    2. Dry the outdoor cushions thoroughly if saturated.
    3. Do not wet the filing while cleaning the covers. Dry it with direct heat and ask for professional help if needed.

Cronulla Living cushion and throw collection is everything you need to change your room space. Visit our website today and experiment with your cushion and throws.