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Glasshouse Candles

Stir up an ambience that invigorates and inspires.

Glasshouse candles offer a beautiful line of scents spanning from indulgent sugary treats and aromatic herbs to fresh florals and citrus scents. They’re perfect for ushering in your individual sense of bliss into any space, to set the tone for you and your friends or family to enjoy.

At Cronulla Living we have carefully curated our range for you to enjoy, believing there is a scent for everything. More importantly, we offer some of the best deals on Glasshouse candles online in our range. So now you’ll never have to search too far for your next soy candle!

Sweet Treats

The Glasshouse Candle ‘Sugar Coated’ collection brings to you a range of scents inspired by deliciously sweet treats. Great for creating a comforting and indulgent atmosphere in your home, especially in the middle of a cosy night in. It’s also the perfect treat for a sweet tooth, all without the guilt!

Our Glasshouse Fragrance Candle, Movie Night offers a delectably welcoming ambience with the scents of roasted almonds, vanilla, musk, and salted caramel. Inspired by your favourite caramel popcorn and choc tops at the movie theatre.

Fresh Florals

Bring the fragrant freshness of the gardens indoors, with all the flower fragrance Glasshouse Candles in our range. There’s plenty of sophisticated and heavenly scents, perfect for when you are looking to curate a stylish evening or dinner parties that impress.

Marseille Memoir is a romantic Gardenia-led scent in our range of Glasshouse candles. A fragrance that is both effortless and elegant with a cool, bold, and fresh sensual atmosphere. For fresh blissful evenings that feel like Spring, that you won’t soon forget!

Tangy Citrus Fruits

Hitting that perfect balance of something that smells delicious, but that’s also fresh, zesty and maybe even a little sour. We’ve also got a range of citrus fragrance Glasshouse candles online and in our store in Cronulla to excite and inspire. Nothing is as revitalising to quicken your step in the morning or to set a more alert mood at the start of a gathering in the afternoon. Citrus notes are stimulating and brisk, for a setting that’s never stale.

Sydney Sundays is an invigorating, fresh scented candle in our Glasshouse range that provides a piquant balance between citrus fruits and flowers. You’ll enjoy the clear and bright notes of grapefruit and mandarin that uplift, with the feisty spirit of pink peppercorn. Along with jasmine, orange blossom, rose, musk and more for an instant breezy spring day.

Crisp Aquatics

These are the scents that smell as crisp and clarifying as the ocean or a fresh mountain breeze. Find clean Glasshouse fragrance candles in our collection that smell like sea mist, or sea salt and saffron.

The Glasshouse candle Lost in Amalfi was designed to give you that riveting smell and feeling of sea mist.

Buy The Best Candles in Cronulla

There’s nothing quite as comforting or indulgent as the Glasshouse soy candles across our range.

We offer such a wide range of soy candles with a distinctive fragrance to set the tone of your next event or evening in; from Circa Home, Peppermint Grove, Woodwick, Elume, Palm Beach and more.

They are no doubt the best range of candles to create a memorable ambience in your Cronulla home.