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Best Fragrance Glasshouse Diffuser at Cronulla Living

Diffusers are one of the best ways of aromatherapy because of their natural benefits. At Cronulla Living, we offer you the best reed diffusers from Glasshouse for your everyday use. We provide the best Glasshouse Diffusers in Menai, Cronulla and surrounding areas. If you are not aware as to how diffusers can help you to enhance your lifestyle you can check out the benefits of fragrance diffusers below:

  1. Pleasant Smell

    The major reason to have fragrance diffuser in your house is the pleasant smell. It eliminates odours from surrounding areas and adds a lively mood in the environment in Cronulla
  2. Diffusers help to spread the fragrance faster

    A diffuser breaks the fragrance molecules into tiny particles, which then produces water vapour that spread throughout your room quickly. Glasshouse fragrance triple strength Glasshouse Diffusers and keeps the smell lingering in the air.
  3. Helps to minimise the dust in the air

    Glasshouse diffusers help to decrease pollution in air, keeping the environment fresh to breathe. Fragrance diffusers improve the air quality by releasing negative ions that get attached to positive ions causing dust to fall on the ground.
  4. Increase humidity level in environment

    Diffusers maintain humidity levels in the environment. Humidity levels less than 30 percent can lead to respiratory tract issues including dry skin and irritated mucous membranes. Reed diffusers from Glasshouse ensure healthy humidity levels.
  5. Physical and emotional well-being

    A fragrance diffuser evenly spreads the scent throughout the entire room. The use of a diffuser will have a positive effect on your physical and emotional well-being. Due to its even distribution of smell, it relaxes your mind and calms within seconds.

Some our best selling Reed Diffusers available from Cronulla Living are :

  1. Glasshouse Diffuser Caramel and Vanilla ‘A Tahaa Affair’:

    Lies on the South Pacific turquoise belt, ‘A Tahaa Affair’ Caramel and Vanilla ‘A Tahaa Affair’ perfectly resonate the smell of a lush green tropical island, with vanilla bean, frankincense and coconut layers. The fragrance is created with the top notes of Pineapple, middles notes of coconut fruity and base notes of caramel and vanilla.
  2. Glasshouse Diffuser Montego Bay Rhythm:

    The smell of Montego Bay Rhythm gives you a complete tour of the Caribbean with its fragrance. Created with top notes of lime and lemon, middle notes of vanilla and amber and base notes of coconut and mandarian oranges, you will feel present on the island sipping coconut and lime cocktails on a summer night.
  3. Glasshouse Diffuser I’llTake Manhattan Orchids & Blood Orange:

    Add a tinge of electrifying pulse, with I’ll Take Manhattan Orchids & Blood Orange that will excite your senses with the fragrance in the air. The fragrance is the product of top notes of gardenia, tulip, orchid, redcurrant, middle notes of black rose, carnation, nectarine, blood orange and base notes of amber, patchouli and sandalwood.

Cronulla Living offers you the best Glasshouse fragrance reed diffuser, at the best everyday price $44.95, which is low-maintenance, reliable and enduring aroma that lasts longer leaving you feeling fresh and calm. Visit our website today and place your first order now.