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Elite Glasshouse Diffusers in Menai

Are you looking for the best reed diffusers in Menai? Cronulla Living has one of the best reed diffuser collections from Glasshouse Diffusers. We offer Glasshouse diffusers that only contain water and are free of alcohol and 100 percent recyclable.

What does a reed diffuser consist of?

Reed diffuser consists of a vessel made of glass that holds diffuser fragrance and reeds inside, diffuser fragrance designed to spread the fragrance in the room in no time, diffuser base fluid to blend your fragrance and soak the reeds, reed diffuser sticks to allow fragrance to reach up the stick through its tiny holes.

Top Glasshouse Diffuser pick available at Cronulla Living:

  1. Glasshouse Diffuser Scent Scene Duo - Lost in Amalfi & Kyoto in Bloom:

    Created with top note fragrance of freesia, thyme and tarragon, middle notes of lavender and moss and base notes of musk and patchouli for Lost in Amalfi. The fragrance is one of the most refreshing scents you will come across. The Kyoto in Bloom fragrance spreads a very calming essence. It is an excellent gift to your loved ones. The fragrance is created from top notes with fresh lime, citrus, bergamot, middle notes of camellia and lotus and base notes with amber, sandalwood, musk and vanilla. 
  2. Glasshouse Diffuser The Hampton:

    The smell of the Hampton house on the beach is one of the warmest smells that anyone can only dream of. The Hampton fragrance is made using only alcohol, water and fragrance and is paired with only best quality reeds. The fragrance is produced with top notes of juniper berry, green cognac, petitgrain, middle notes with lemon verbena, iris, fig leaves and base notes with ambergris, teak, and white patchouli. 
  3. Glasshouse Diffuser One Night in Rio:

    Feel the essence of Rio right at your home. One Night in Rio is an electrifying fragrance of the city on the street,  dancing to the beat. The fragrance is created from top, middle and base notes that includes passionfruit and lime, raspberry and orange, rose and melon respectively. 

How to use Reed Diffusers in your space?

  1. Put the sticks that came along your reed glasshouse diffuser in the bottle to absorb the oil
  2. Flip the stick so that the other dry side comes in contact with the bottle and the absorbed end is on the other side.
  3. Place the dry sticks into the bottle. 
  4. Leave the diffuser and let it settle to evaporate into air spreading its pleasant smell. 

Points to remember when you use reed diffusers

  1. Flip the sticks if you desire for more scent. 
  2. Use less sticks for lesser scent. For example in small spaces like bathrooms, you really wouldn’t want to have a strong smell. 
  3. Always place a reed diffuser on a drink coasters like glass or ceramics for better results.
  4. You don’t need candles anymore because reed diffusers act like candle replacements.
  5. Keep the stand untouched and away from children.

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