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Luxury Hand Soap and Lotion only at Cronulla Living

Are you planning for extra care and protection for your hands? Not sure which hand soap and lotion can give you pampering services? Have your hands on our Luxury hand soap and lotion collection available at Cronulla Living.

Reasons to use luxury hand soap and lotion

Many people do not pay attention to their hands but investing in a luxury hand soap and lotion is as important as taking care of your face skin and hair. Here are few reasons to own a luxury hand soap and lotion:

  1. It keeps your hands moisturised

    Using lotion will help in avoiding chapping, drying and chafing skin. Using a perfectly formulated luxury hand soap and lotion will balance the dryness of the hands. Before you try on any, make sure to test it first.
  2. Sun Protection

    Other than our face skin, our hand skin is always exposed to the sun. Investing in a luxury hand lotion will protect your hands from UV-rays, aging and discolouration.
  3. Skin Renewal

    Using the correct hand soap and lotion with a luxury touch will help to renew the hand skin cells. It is recommended to use hand soap and lotion that contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid to maintain the youthfulness of the skin.

Here are a few of our top picks for luxury hand soap and lotions:

  1. Circa Hand Wash Kitchen Alchemy- White Tea & Wild Mint Gift Set-

    Beautifully packaged with a free ceramic tray, this Circa product provides you with a luxury hand soap feel formulated with natural extracts and fragrances of wild mint and white tea. This luxury hand soap and lotion set will leave your hands refreshed and nourished for the whole day long.
  2. Circa Home Hand Wash 1977 Pear & Lime-

    This luxury hand soap is formulated with zesty lime and vanilla adding light scent and softness to your hands. The antioxidants like Vitamin E protects the skin and is free from parabens.
  3. Circa Home Hand Wash 1961 Jasmine and Magnolia-

    Add a luxury touch to your hand soap using Circa Home Hand Wash that smells like a pleasant bouquet of flowers. The handwash nourishes the skin, moisturises with the help of olive extracts and protects with the presence of antioxidants. The fragrance reminds one of innocent promises and romantic times because of Jasmine and Magnolia with hints of Frangipani and Ylang Ylang.
  4. Circa Home Hand Wash 1998 Mango & Papaya-

    The amazing smell of the Mango and Papaya smells exactly like a snack. The fragrance of this hand soap gives a vibe of sipping on mango daiquiri with a sunset setting of 1998. The fragrance is formulated with top notes of orange, cassis, passionfruit, and mango, middle notes of jasmine, geranium, rose and bottom notes of eugenol, vanilla and musk.

If you didn’t find your desired luxury hand soap and lotion in the above list, do not worry! Check out our website now we have more in our soap collection and meet your perfect soap and lotion now.