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Amazing Beeswax Candles

Best Ethically Sourced Candles in Sydney.

Using long burning beeswax blends and fine fragrance oils the art of traditional candle making is reborn! On a small tropical island, nestled between the Indian Ocean and the Java Sea, the talented artisans of Bali hand craft each of the candles.

The Natural Light Candle Company has a unique way of making candles. They produce candles in a rather old-fashioned way, carefully, slowly and individually.
Hand cast & then hand painted these candles are made from naturally sustainable sources.

We at Cronulla Living have partnered with The Natural Light Candle Company to promote The $1 Project
We believe and are committed to socially responsible fair-trade practices and helping to reduce plastic waste entering our oceans. The $1 Project initiative is aimed at supporting the candle artisans, their families and their communities, as well as, doing our bit to reduce plastics waste.
From every sale we donate $1 from our published RRPs to the project, with every cent of this going towards these two very worthy causes.

Use these Decorator Candles

These candles have an amazing hot throw of fragrance when lit with a wonderful glow through the sides as they burn down.