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Silver Plated Photo Frames

Silver brings an elegant touch to your photos, and all the memories they hold. Silver plated photo frames make the perfect place to showcase your best photos, family photos or as a great gift for graduations or weddings.

At Cronulla Living, we bring you the most stylish silver-plated photo frames to immortalize the best things that money cannot buy, either on your console table or wall forever.

Silver is Sophisticated and Timeless

When it comes to something that never tarnishes with time, you can’t go wrong with frames pated in silver. Silver is beautifully light, bright, and lustrous. It is the most reflective material against many others and that’s why it’s often used to create high quality mirrors. That’s why a silver-plated photo frame will always look modern, contemporary and classic.

It’s a piece of home décor that will never become outdated. For a gift or place in your home that’ll always look great.

With Designs Inspired By Nature

As a store, Cronulla Living celebrates the features and pieces of décor of the coastal life. One such example in our collection is our beautiful bamboo styled silver plated photo frames. They give you a style that is linear, geometric, and organic. It’s the perfect design to accompany almost any photograph, memory or monumental occasion.

A Gift to Be Treasured

You can give someone special, something special with a silver plated photo frame. While it can sometimes be hard to find something that will always be appreciated, silver plated photo frames are always seen as beautiful adornments. Capture the memory of a graduation, wedding, anniversary, birth or a new promotion, and gift it in something marvellous that they can hold onto forever.

Create Luxury – Co-Ordinate With Modern Touches of Silver at Home

When you are looking to create a soft, light and airy feel in your room, bright and reflective surfaces add the extra touch you are looking for, to elevate your home. Whether your home design is curated after a Hamptons appearance, Californian or something different, silver makes any room instantly look more luxurious. Silver plated photo frames and statuettes are great to place anywhere in your home that needs some interest. Giving you a delightful place to reminisce on the best and most precious memories of your loved ones and other great moments.

Classic Designs Are Made in Silver

You can enjoy tastefully minimalist designs that are given an elevated appearance with a silver plated finish at Cronulla Living. Combining both the latest and trendy lines with the stylish opulence of silver, our collection of silver plated photo frames is one that will always be remembered.

We invite you to explore our tasteful range, for both gifts and ways to add more elegance and freshness to your home.

You don’t have to stop there, our round or rectangle mirrored trays are the perfect accompaniment with one of our silver plated photo frames to create a stylish sterling statement in any living area.

Finish the Look at Cronulla Living

Celebrate and enjoy the style of the coastal life with Cronulla Living. We are your one-stop-shop for kitchens, home décor, beach and outdoors, and gifts.

Whether you need something soft like cushions for decorating, some great pieces to snuggle or lounge in, or unique distinctive beach art. You can find all the new things in Cronulla that you are going to love, at Cronulla Living.

You can visit us in store, just a stone’s throw from South Cronulla beach, to help you decorate your home. Or give your loved ones something that they’re sure to love!