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Vibrant Wine Charms for your wine glasses

Decorate your guests’ wine glasses with wine charms to help them distinguish one glass from another. Cronulla Living brings to you mesmerising wine charms that are perfect for all your parties.

Why use a wine charm?

Wine charms are small decorations that are fit on the bottom of the wine glasses. They are like delicate, vibrant bracelets that serve multiple purposes. It can help to enhance the theme of your party or wedding while also helps guests to identify their wine glasses if they leave it somewhere.

Wine glasses come in a variety of types, ranges, themes and materials that can vary accordingly with price. Wine charms are available everywhere in department stores and in online stores like Cronulla Living. Many prefer to create their own wine charms but the essence and art of making perfect charms are the domain of professionals.

What to expect when you shop wine charms on Cronulla Living?

Be it a wedding or a cocktail party, our wine charms are the spotlight of all your events. Are you wanting to add details to your party with charms for your glasses or champagne flutes? Our Avanti Wine Charms will create a wonderful party mood for your guests. We offer our valuable customers two sets of Avanti Wine Charms to select from made with love and care:

  1. Avanti Wine Charms Set of 6- Shoes:

    An Avanti Wine Charm is your must have wine charms for your wine glasses for your cocktail parties. The charm is a perfect accessory to help your guest recognise their glass. The charms can be used again for other social functions. The set of six charms are available in six different colours, all furnished with metal. Each charm has colourful beads adding beauty to the charm with slightly blendable thin wire to attach the champagne flute or wine glass. The shoe wine charm design is 21.5 x 1.7 x 6.7cms.
  2. Avanti Wine Charms Set of 6 - Thongs:

    Designed in Australia, Avanti Wine Charms Set of 6 - Thongs adds a vibrant tone to your wine glasses and champagne flutes. Each charm in the set is adorned with colourful beads enhancing the beauty of your glasses. These charms are perfect for all the parties helping your guests to distinguish their glasses. Designs with metals and furnished with polish the charms are available in different colours and styles.

At Cronulla Living you can select your wine charms from two sets of 6 Avanti Wine Charms that are available in six different colours, vibrant tone and adds a classy look to your wine glasses. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this set now. Head to our website and pick your charm today.