red plum & rose 100ml fragrant diffuser by peppermint grove, comes in a glass bottle
Peppermint Grove - Red Plum & Rose Mini 100ml Diffuser

Peppermint Grove - Red Plum & Rose Mini 100ml Diffuser

Peppermint Grove
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This red plum & rose 100ml mini diffuser is beautifully rich and elaborate fragrance is reminiscent of childhood memories of long days in the sun, picking fresh fruit in the orchard whilst surrounded by blooming red roses and lilies. The perfect combination of floral and fruity. Just enough sweetness and flower scent to make the perfect combination.

This fragrant room diffusers is handmade in a highly polished custom designed glass. It will continuously release fragrance into your chosen space for up to 2 months. Flip the reeds as often or as little as you like to achieve your ultimate fragrance sensation!

Top notesĀ are blackcurrant, redcurrant, red plum and lemon
Middle notesĀ are geranium, lily of the valley, cassis and rose
Base notesĀ are oakmoss, caramel and musk

Red Plum & Red Rose 100ml Mini Diffuser