Surfers Camp site by Garry Birdsall

Surfers Camp Site by Garry Birdsall - Surf Art - 11x14" Mattered Print

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Surfers Camp Site in The 70's by Garry Birdsall. From the Surf Art series, "Surfing in the 70's".

Back when Garry was young he recalls... This one time Venturing off the beaten track, he and his mates discovered some of the best surf spots on the planet! (His words) This remote bush and beach scene was typical of Australia's hidden coastline back then. A surfer's dream was to find an uncrowded, unspoiled surf spot that had great surf and a place to camp.

Garry was born in Sydney where surfing is a national pastime (in his words). He spent all his leisure time as a youth on the beaches surfing. He was one of the pioneers of Malibu surfboard riding.  Garry’s surfing ability was so good that he competed in numerous Australian and world surfing events. He was the first artist in Australia to do airbrushed paintings on surfboards. Most of his life he’s worked in the surfing industry form board building to wholesale & retail sales.

Today, Garry paints in his Sydney based studio. He uses a variety of mixed media but mostly favours the technique he used in  “Cronulla Point Going Off”  which is a combination of opaque and translucent  watercolours. He’s still out actively surfing and many of his painting are inspired by the magic of the ocean and his love of riding waves.

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